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"My Life has changed.” – Student Benefits from GBM Education scholarship for Bright but needy Children

April 17, 2014 - 09:40AM
Published by Communications

Since 2007, GBM has supported bright students from disadvantaged backgrounds to access secondary education. This has been in partnership with GBM Tree Nursery Groups. So far, GBM has awarded bursaries to 267 bright but needy students. To date 250 students already completed their secondary education and most have proceeded to tertiary institutions of learning.

GBM continues to address education challenges within the communities through its Capacity building – Secondary School Scholarship initiative. The Student beneficiaries are nominated by GBM tree nursery group members. The members identify the most needy mother amongst them who has challenges in raising school fees for her school going children.

Needs: Each scholarship aims to cover tuition fees, uniforms, and other necessities. On average each scholarship will cover tuition costs for four years.

 James Ndiritu Nyaguthi, 19, beneficiary of the GBM scholarship scheme handing over a thank you note.

“…When I sat for my primary examinations and passed, I had already resigned myself to the fact that I was not going to join secondary school or ever pursue further education in life.  My parents passed early on leaving me under the foster care my grandmother- A GBM tree nursery member who soon passed on too. My grandmother’s friends in the tree nursery group took it upon themselves to raise funds to educate me. The members pulled together their resources and secured my admission to Secondary school but not raise enough money to pay my school fees for the whole year.

Fortunately for me, at the point in time GBM circulated information through its Tree Nursery Networks on the availability of a secondary school scholarships. The group applied and secured me a scholarship that supported me through my secondary school.

Now I am glad to have completed my secondary school education, and I will soon join the university and realize my dream. I and the Tree Nursery group officials paid a courtesy visit to the GBM headquarters to thank all who had provided for my education and success.’’

(James Ndiritu Nyaguthi, 19, Former student at Endarasha Boys High School and beneficiary of the GBM scholarship scheme who attained B+ mean grade).