National Tree Planting Initiative

Why Tree Planting?

Deforestation and habitat degradation are continuing and population pressure is increasing. Both are affecting the integrity of the watersheds that provide critical water supplies. It is now well understood that this destructive trend, further impacts economic development and undermines food security. Protecting these critical watersheds is an environmental, social and economic issue.

The high population density, intense agriculture and related agro-based factories have resulted in high water demand, pollution to the water resource and catchment degradation. This is made worse by encroachment of protected forests and wetlands negatively impacting valuable biodiversity, water quality and threatening people’s livelihoods. The impact of climate change has increased the volatility and unpredictability of weather patterns further threatening the food and water security of millions of the county’s population.

These critical watersheds require intensive management for ecological integrity, ecosystem functions and the wellbeing of the communities. The degraded areas need restoration; protection of existing resources and improve communities resilience to climate change.