Tree planting update - Mt. Elgon water tower

August 19, 2020

Mt. Elgon has historically been one of Kenya’s five important water towers, which provide an estimated 75 percent of the country’s water resources and are central to Kenya’s economic and social well-being.

In recent years, however, the forest has been cleared for cultivation, charcoal, and timber. This has dramatically impacted wildlife, infrastructure, and the livelihood of communities buffering this ecosystem.

During this long rain season, we have planted 300,000 trees in Kiptogot Forest within Mt. Elgon water tower with a goal of helping reestablish a sustainable water supply through protecting and replanting around springs and rivers. These trees will also restore habitat for wildlife, stabilize steep slopes prone to landslides, and secure livelihoods.

An additional 74,000 replacement trees were planted in Suam Forest, within the same water tower.

The degradation of these forests contributes to a growing water crisis in Kenya and the larger region. Moreover, the loss of biodiversity and increased carbon emissions from deforestation and forest degradation are exacerbated by climate change.