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It's all Smiles at the Finish Line

September 10, 2010 - 12:20PM
Published by Hannah Smith

Last Saturday our GBMI Europe team went the extra mile for the Green Belt Movement… or should we say 10k?

Our team of five included Hannah and Francesca from the office (Anna was working hard behind the camera…) and they both completed the 10k in just over an hour. Go team! One of the Green Belt Movement team, Andrea, also came in 3rd in the women's event; a pretty successful day all round!

Many thanks to our wonderful running team:

Sussan Rassoulie
Andrea Devine
Francesca de Gasparis
Hannah Smith
Thomas Spencer
… and to Geremew Tereda, Kathryn Stowell, Anna Collins, Kate Shayler, Jenny Shayler and Trevor Smith for coming to support the team!

Our donation page is still open and we’d love your support to reach our target. And we’ve even got an incentive for you. If you donate £30 to our team we will send you one of our lovely new GBMI t shirts (as modelled by Hannah Smith and Anna Collins!).

If you would just like a t shirt send us a cheque of £20 with your address to the Green Belt Movement, 56-64 leonard street, London EC2A 4LT and we will post one out to you (UK only)