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The ongoing support of individuals, like you, makes it possible for the Green Belt Movement to continue its core work of engaging women in planting trees, protecting critical forests & watersheds, and empowering communities. Your support helps to conserve soil and ensure food security, to sustain rural community’s livelihoods, and build resilience to climate change. It also enables us to develop the tools to reach out and inspire people in Kenya, and around the world to take action in support of good governance, environmental sustainability, and the expansion of democratic space. We hope you will invest in our work as we transform lives. See below for more details.

Gift-A-Tree Global Campaign

We are excited to announce our new Gift-A-Tree global campaign!  Now, for just $10 (U.S.), you can give the gift of planting a tree in Kenya to a friend or loved one.  These $10 individual gifts can be made throughout the world and are an easy and affordable way to give gifts for birthdays or special occasions while supporting the Green Belt Movement's work.  Donors receive a (U.S.) tax deductible email and the gift recipient receives a postcard with the donor's message. For more information and to gift a tree please visit:

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Alternatively, tax-deductible contributions may be sent to the Green Belt Movement office in the U.S.

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