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GBM celebrates International Women's Day

March 8, 2010 - 10:10AM
Published by Francesca de Gasparis

On this International Women's day in 2010 we would like to borrow a quote from elsewhere on our website. It is from our founder, Wangari Maathai, of course- speaking a few years ago about the women of the Green Belt Movement. Here is to those women and women all around the world for their unsung hard work, patience and persistence- Women are the bedrock of our society.

“I placed my faith in the rural women of Kenya from the very beginning, and they have been key to the success of the Green Belt Movement. Through this very hands-on method of growing and planting trees, women have seen that they have real choices about whether they are going to sustain and restore the environment or destroy it.

In the process of education that takes place when someone joins the Green Belt Movement, women have become aware that planting trees or fighting to save forests from being chopped down is part of a larger mission to create a society that respects democracy, decency, adherence to the rule of law, human rights, and the rights of women.

Women also take on leadership roles, running nurseries, working with foresters, planning and implementing community-based projects for water harvesting and food security.

All of these experiences contribute to their developing more confidence in themselves and more power over the direction of their lives."

Anna and I celebrated International Women's day in the Europe office of GBM with a lovely maple and pecan slice. Hope you all find a way no matter how small to celebrate the women- mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers and friends- in your lives today.

In honor of International Women's Day, support GBM's work and help us empower women in Kenya and around the world!